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The Optics of Kamala Harris’s New Office

U.S. Senator Kamala Harris speaking with attendees at the 2019 National Forum on Wages and Working People hosted by the Center for the American Progress Action Fund and the SEIU at the Enclave in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons)


But while I may be
the first woman
in this office,
I will not be
the last.

Kamala Harris, Vice President elect

History was made in November 2020.

The people of America elected Kamala Harris as their next Vice President. Harris is not only the first woman to ever be elected Vice President, but she will also be the first woman of African descent (her father was Jamaican), the first woman of Asian descent (her mother was Indian), the first graduate of a historical Black college, and the first member of a historical Black sorority to hold this office.

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. (AKA) was founded at the historically Black Howard University in 1908. It is the oldest Black Greek-lettered organization founded by African-American college women, and it has nearly 300,000 members worldwide.

A photo of an AKA logo. (Pixy)
The AKAs claimed an immense victory in November 2020 as the American people elected their first woman of color as Vice President of United States of America. Harris graduated from Howard University in 1986, where she became a member of the renowned sorority.

Alpha Kappa Alpha and other Black Greek-lettered organizations showed their support for the vice president elect by helping to register people to vote, working phone banks, and encouraging everyone to turn in their ballots. Vice President elect Harris has proclaimed her pride as an AKA but also as a member of the Divine Nine (a collection of the Black Greek-lettered organizations). She also showed pride as a graduate of one of many historically Black colleges and universities across the nation.

Harris posted on her Instagram account on November 10th, “To the children of our country: dream with ambition, and lead with conviction, unburdened by what has been.” ~

A screenshot of Kamala Harris’s Instagram post. (SCREENSHOT: Instagram)
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